“Had no idea what I was doing when it came to writing an epic dual-language biopic, but Tim tore it apart, scene by scene, and offered some painful advice that I was loathe to use…until I realized how right he was. Thanks for whipping my ass…and my script…into shape.”
Esther Dalseno – author, screenwriter

“Tim seem like total jerk at first but he told me I’m ver talent and that he wood help me porsew my dreams for ver low moneys an now he ok I like him.”
Ella Roby – screenwriter

“When I’m rich and famous I plan on forgetting Tim and look forward to a time when I am right and he is wrong. For now, I must rely on his cutthroat, nuanced and disgustingly affordable screenwriting advice on character, structure, and dialogue; advice which has allowed me to quickly advance my career and appear like a big smarty in front of important people. But surely I’ll just “get it” soon, right? Or I’ll have fooled enough people that they’ll just think I get it, yeah? Tim can you please delete this when that happens? Cheers.”
Lachlan Marks – screenwriter, director

“Tim’s care and attention to detail with all of my scripts has kept me off the streets. I owe him my life. He’s not easy on your script, but he will certainly help you beat it into shape! He’s made me a better writer, script by script. I fully expect to be the next Woody Allen. Minus the whole… well… you know. Tim is not only the best script evaluator in town, he’s also the best man I’ve ever met, and I once met Karl Stefanovic.”
Jeff van Rens – writer, producer