About Tim’s Screenplay Coverage

Hello citizen writer!  My name is Tim.  I’ve freelanced as a script reader for a couple of independent film companies and know when a script offers a pleasurable Screenplay Consultant Tim Groenendykstory and is ready to be produced. I have assessed and given feedback on scripts by amateurs and industry professionals, and have done enough screenplay coverage to guide you in how to be a screenwriter of merit – at an affordable price!

I also love screenwriting, story structure, and TV and movies. I have written for a children’s animation, and look forward to seeing my work on television in the near future, and I’ve also had my feature film UnExtinction optioned by an independent film company. I’ve written a bunch feature scripts, TV episodes, and produced a couple of short films. I’ve written for animation, 100% Wolf, which is slated to broadcast on ABC in the second half of 2019. My recent short film The World’s Longest Wait has screened internationally and has been shortlisted for best comedy at two festivals, and came second overall at the Nundah Film Festival. And in 2017 I wrote my first novel. But it’s mostly through my work as a script assessor that taught me about what it takes to make a screenplay great and how to give you the best screenplay coverage.

And, most importantly, I’m also a bit of a bastard. I can give you the honest feedback you need to move forward with you script.  The sort of notes you won’t get from friends or family who may shower you with praise and admiration. And while praise and admiration is just fine and dandy – what more can you expect from these kind, warmhearted and yet simple folk?  They usually don’t know fucking shit.

Every writer worth their salt relies on feedback. It’s more precious than gold. The best screenplay coverage will be honest and a little brutal, and you might feel a bit defensive of outside opinions. That’s normal. But sitting on your script and not showing it to anyone won’t get you anything. Except maybe pressure ulcers.

Anyway, if you have more questions about who I am check out my IMDB page or how I can help you with screenplay writing go to my Screenplay Assessment page.

Still not convinced? Check out these testimonials – from real actual people who I have given screenplay coverage to.